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Who we are & What we do:

Bioethics, Inc., is a group of doctoral bioethics specialists who offer training, educational programs, policy development, ethics content for media or web-based courses as well as other professional services related to bioethical issues. This includes such things as end-of-life care, patient rights, new reproductive technologies, universal patient acceptance, organizational ethics, access to care, confidentiality, boundaries in provider-patient relationships and other topics. We provide these services to ethics committees, risk management programs, hospitals, universities, hospices and medical schools, as well as other groups and institutions nationwide. We sometimes assist individuals and families who have questions or concerns about specific bioethical problems they encountered during their health care experience.
Why we do these things:
New medical technologies and procedures have profoundly changed how we feel about and experience the process of health care. As citizens, we are now confronted with troubling new questions. If a person is found to have a gene associated with heart failure, should that person be denied health insurance or certain professional positions? Should alcoholics compete equally for liver transplants? Are there circumstances where it might be acceptable for doctors to assist patient to end their own lives? Is it permissible to clone human organisms to be used for harvesting vital organs? When should tube feedings be withdrawn from patients with terminal illness? Is healthcare a basic right for all people, or something for purchase by only those who can afford it?
Cloning, organ transplantation, genetic prediction and physician assisted suicide are but a few of the controversial, newly developing medical procedures. These miracles of science and medicine seem to arouse in us mixed feelings of relief, doubt, joy and concern. Such innovations can create emotional stress, and a new array of ethical quandaries and dilemmas. As society is struggling to understand and cope with these changes, so are elected officials, health practitioners, education, research and other institutions. Bioethics, Inc. then, provides training, educational programs, policy review, ethics content for media or web-based courses and clinical ethics consultation services about these issues.
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